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Welcome to the Fan Fiction Links

Here you will you find links to many different types of Fan Fiction.  We are always looking for more links to fan fiction sites and more types, so if you have a site, or know of one that's not up here. please e-mail it to us (Our email address is  And, Please sign the guestbook!! I have seen over 7000 people been to our website and 12 people have signed it! :o) We want to know who was kind to look at our site and tell us what you think! Do we need more links of a certain type? Do you want us to put ur link up?hehe Thanks. BYE-BYE! :-)

P.S. If you're link is up here, or is you just like this site, please link us. Our banner is at the top, feel free to take it. Or text link us. Either. We don't care.

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